Father Gordon Hughes Memorial Scholarship

The Father Gordon Hughes Scholarship honors one of the founders and the first president of the GNO/CLA.  Its purpose is to provide financial assistance for those who are pursuing certification as an elementary or secondary media specialist, or those who are certified and who wish to pursue course work to enhance their knowledge and skills by taking a course in library science.  This award now carries a stipend of $400.  Applicants must be members of GNO/CLA who are enrolled in a library science course at the time of the application.  There are three categories of eligible applicants:

Education majors with a minor in library science who are working toward certification as an elementary or secondary librarian.

A person who has obtained certification as a teacher and is now pursuing certification as an elementary or secondary librarian.

A certified librarian who is pursuing course work in library science for enhancement of knowledge and skills.

All applicants for the scholarship must complete the application form supplied in this newsletter and submit it, with the appropriate documentation, to the Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee listed on the application by the appointed deadline.  The following documentation is to be submitted with the application.

a.  Category 1: a statement from an advisor or the Chairperson at the Department of Education verifying current enrollment as an education major/library science minor.

    Category 2: a copy of a current Louisiana teaching certificate and a statement from an advisor or chairperson of the Department of Education or Library Science verifying completion of at least three semester hours in Library Science and current enrollment in a library science course.

     Category 3: a copy of a current Louisiana certificate verifying certification as an elementary or secondary librarian and verification of current enrollment in a library science course.

b. The applicant must maintain a B average.

c. A recipient may reapply in the succeeding semester or another year for the scholarship for one additional course.  A scholarship will be awarded no more than twice to the same person.

d. Scholarship funds must be used by the applicant within the interval of one year’s time.

e. If there is more than one applicant for the scholarship, financial aid will be a consideration in the selection of the recipient.

f. The Chapter reserves the right not to award the scholarship in those years when no applicant meets the qualifications.

g. Upon receipt of a copy of the university’s statement of enrollment and payment for the course in Library Science, the treasurer of the Chapter will issue a check to the scholarship recipient    in an amount designated by the Executive Board for the scholarship award in that year.

To apply for the Father Gordon Hughes Memorial Scholarship, download and print the form below and submit it, along with other necessary documentation, to:

Kathleen Broggi
401 Oak St.
Thibodaux, LA 70301

If you are able to complete/compile these documents in a digital format, you may email them to Kathleen at rbroggi@att.net.

For more information, you may call Kathleen at (985) 446-5159.
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